Spiritwood is a private disc golf course with public access.

$1 per round.

INFO: folfer55@gmail.com

Here is hole 22 on Feb 21, 2014

TEE Times available...

Thank goodness for spring! The ditches are running! Water Hazzard are Active for the

28th Annual Spiritwood Open -- May 17

2014 Schedule

Ice Bowl -- Feb 8!

The Ice Bowl was a success. We were hindered by bad travel conditions but the twelve that made it enjoyed a great day with pleasant temps in the high twentys, a steady fire, good company and all that wonderful golden elixir from Big Sky Brewing!

We raised $145 and 65 Pounds of Food stuffs.

I Thank you, and Haven House in Hamilton thanks you too!


24rd Annual St. Pattys Skins Game -- March 15

28th Annual Spiritwood Open -- May 17



Doubles --- Oct (tbd)


Where the trees live!

!!! MORE Course Changes !!!

Spiritwood features 22 BASKETS

We've also added some new pro T boxes and benches.

The course has tight fairways and a nice combination of challenges.

Most of the year water ditches provide non-fatal hazards.

Check out the


Chipping Course!

The club crew put in 9 short holes that begin behind the check-in stand at Tee Box #1.

It is challenging tone-hole course with two novilty pins to test your creativity!

It is great fun for the little ones!


Try the local favorite "Singles Doubles"

Play the Tiny Nine with two discs and count every stroke. Each hole is Par 2.

Coming in under par puts you in an Elite group!


Six more New Baskets: TWENTY-TWO in all

SPIRITWOOD hosts four tournaments per year.




4th ICE BOWL --- Feb 11

St. Patty's Skins Game --- March 17

26th Annual Spiritwood Open --- June 9

2011 Schedule

Ice Bowl 2011 -- Feb.12

St. Patty's Skins Game -- March 19

25th Annual Spiritwood Open -- (update late!)

Doubles Tourney -- Oct. 29

2010 Schedule

Feb. 6 -- 2nd Annual Ice Bowl Pictures/Results

March 13 -- 20th Saint Patty's Day Skins Game

!!Revised date!!

June 12 -- 24th Spiritwood Open

Oct. 16 -- Doubles Best Shot


Ice Bowl Feb 7

19th St. Pattys Skins Game -- March 21

23rd Spiritwood Open -- Results

Doubles Best Shot -- Oct 17


2008 Schedule

St. Patty's Day Skins Game - March 15

Spiritwood OPEN -- June 7

Doubles Best Shot -- Oct. 11


St Patty's Day -- March 17 -- It Was Great!!!

Spiritwood OPEN -- June 9 (results not posted)

Doubles Best Shot -- Oct. 27, 10 am


St. Patty's Day -- March 18 Results

20th Annual Spiritwood Open -- June 10

2006 Open Results

Doubles Best Shot -- Oct. 14


St. Patty's Day Skins Game -- March 19

Spiritwood Open Results-- June 11

Blind Doubles Best Shot RESULTS-- October 15


Nat tees up at 16 and Z goes for the birdy putt at 18, The Bogey Maker.

(The Bogey Maker is now an alternate hole as we usually have a basket on 18 these days.)


Pay to Play

$1 per round

per person for non members.

Kim H. whipped up this handy check-in stand, map/scorecard dispensor, money taker and bottle openner. Nice job and the just the latest improvement that the course has been gifted with from one of our generous members. And a hearty thanks to all who have contributed whether it be a basket, a bench or a loaf of bread at the pot lucks, or whether it be by your participation and support of our events. Thanks one and all!

And Keep 'Em Flying!


new map coming...


Spiritwood is located 40 miles south of Missoula, MT.

From Missoula on Hwy 93, three miles south of Victor TURN RIGHT onto Bear Creek Trail.

TURN LEFT onto Red Crow Rd. GO STRAIGHT onto Fred Burr Rd. TURN RIGHT onto Spiritwood.

Watch for the white arrow!